My work is characterized by positive and healing energy. All artworks were created following my own unique style and methods based on a specific life philosophy. During the creation of my artworks I am guided by positive vibrations and energy. It is my goal to capture these "forces" in the artwork and allow them to continue their healing work in your home, office our hotel.


I work as an independent artist selling and leasing my artworks. 

I also work on specific projects for interior design/decoration in private homes, offices and hotels for which I create artworks based on preferences with respect to color and size. Besides paintings also photographs can be customized with respect to materials (brushed aluminium, dibond, wood, etc) and size. 


Art healing sessions

In my atelier, I organise personal art healing sessions to bring you in balance with our personal energy and the new earth energy. During this session you will create your own artwork based on personal vibrations and energy flows. I will guide you through this session to activate your creativity and ensure that a maximum of positive energy is captured in the artwork. 


Creator of Events & Activities

As founder and president of the Art Association Treasures for the Future, I am active in the creation and organisation of various international and national art related events, activities and workshops:

- organisation of exhibitions in my own studio/gallery 

- organisation of art workshops for children (7-14 years)

- participation in many local cultural events

- in continuous strive to increase, contribute and promote cultural activities

- networking from east to west and from north to south enables me to gather works of art which match the specific themes of exhibitions and events



I wrote a book (Russion) called "Baden Bronn" about my experiences living abroad.


Photo reporter

I used to work as a photo reporter, writing about restaurants and new trends in the Benelux and France, for following Russian magazines:

  • World and House
  • Restaurant register
  • Modern House